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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sunshine And Chocolate

Today is a day sent from wherever all the good things come from. Crisp as Ryvita: the big yellow ball is high in the cerulean blue. Wisps of clouds do anything but scud, they are as languid as a 30's lavender luvvy. It's not hot, its cool. The tourists are still in shorts, the locals are in anoraks, overcoats and scarves. Guiris fall somewhere between the two. The quality of light is the kind which brought daubers of all standards here to Andalucia. The province's name itself is a call to the light to 'Come!' Such things don't seem too fanciful today. I feel like I could see for Townshend's miles, or at least drive without glasses.

Only last Thursday the rain was coming down in cataracts. No coincidence that the slab grey of the sky made me feel like I had them. Is it just vitamin D? Sunshine and Chocolate and I'm set for anything, it feels like. Sunshine and Chocolate and some good music. One thing it's good to know, it will stop raining sometime. Sometimes I forget that. Days like today and you fool yourself into thinking it'll never rain again. Neither is a healthy attitude, though. Yin and Yang, dark and light , man and woman, sunshine and rain. The symbol is a visual truth, if you want to be all metaphysical. It's an idea as beautiful as a chinese rose, and it makes me as happy as a sunny day.

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