Sunday, 18 December 2011

Paper View

For a few weeks they have been selling hooky papers at La Trocha car boot sale. They "fall off the back of" the delivery van.The Sundays are very dear here. Last week I turned up at about 9.30. Not a single paper left. I could have gone this morning at about 9, but it's Sunday. The day of rest. So I'm reverting to going to the Estanco and paying 5 times the price, I'll probably have a coffee. I'm willing to bet that someone, not me, will denounce the van driver to the Policia Local. It's an attitude I see a lot here from the British Guiris. Selfish, self-centred: if I can't have a cheap paper, no-one will. Wait and see, it'll happen. So, like I say, I'm off to the estanco. Besides, the flea market is quite depressing at times, second-hand tat, white goods that don't work and other people's clothes.


Ewan Alexander Lawrie said...

Not all the posts on this blog are so grumpy! However, I stand by its contents.

Ewan said...

It took about a year, but someone did shop the paper man.