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Saturday, 9 June 2012

3 Down 2 to Go.

Yes, Scotland won. In the rugby, against Australia last Tuesday. Or rather we beat the shadow of the side Wales lost to today. 9 (Nine!) changes to a test side. I think we all know what that means for Scotland's achievement in weather conditions that left two Australians on the brink of hypothermia. But Wales had a chance, didn't they? No. Inferiority complex: the northern hemisphere sides don't know how to win. We EXPECT to lose. We expect to be plucky losers. We aim too low. Whisper it, if your expectations are lower you are less disappointed. It's a lack of courage: when we do have a side capable of competing with the best, we psych ourselves out of the running. Ireland were slaughtered by a New Zealand side that started more nervily than any they put out in the World Cup. But we knew Ireland didn't have it. The thing is, at the moment, of the 4 Home Nations, Wales do. They have quality in most departments, just not belief. Belief is not delusion. We can leave that to the Golden Generation of the England Football team. England's rugby team may be in for a hard afternoon, unless they can catch the South Africans cold. One win out of 3 would be highly satisfactory for Lancaster's men. And Argentina? They are warming up for the 4 Nations with the Southern Hemisphere boys by playing Italy. Does this mean impending improvement for Los Pumas? Or several years (a decade?) of humiliation a la Italy in the Six Nations? I don't know, but I hope not.

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