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Monday, 9 July 2012

Advanced Warning Of Guest Bloggery

I volunteered to be a guest blogger on a writers' blog for this Friday. I sent off a message and pitched my idea. It wasn't a particularly great or original one. Anyway, I was invited to submit my effort. I'm not sure it's particularly good, so I sent it off nice and early, in case the site manager decided it wasn't for them. I'll keep you posted. If it appears I'll stick a link on here.

A Fabulous Review!

 Someone posted a review of my short-story collection available on Jottify! It's a very good review indeed. Here it is in full. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously good. Jul 06, 2012 by XXXXX XXXX I'm slightly uncomfortable writing this review as I'm not sure I can do the work justice, however, I will because it deserves to be highlighted. Expertly written, it's clear that the author is well-read, however he manages to avoid any pretentious ramblings which can leave the less well-read, (like me) uncomfortable, in fact I only had to consult my friends at google once, and that was downright nosiness regarding Packet. (Which incidentally author, has raised further curiosity). Having said that, the tales are in no way spoon-fed nonsense, the reader absolutely needs to think to keep up in parts. Classic and contemporary blend nicely, lots of subtle wit and clever observations, some delicious lines, just really well written. Lenore induced a literary crush, The Offer is a fantasy many of us here could indulge in, If Only is an interesting venture into tricky subject matter. My personal favourites are the Midwestern adventures, perhaps it's true what they say about us left handers. The author has captured the voice wonderfully in each of them. I could go on, instead I will say, worth 5 pots of anybody's ink, cheap at half the price. I suspect the author would prefer cash though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO, I didn't write it! Buy Please Allow Me at
 Now that's what I call a plug!

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