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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Oasis Song Title

I went to buy the papers this morning. Usually my wife picks up two English broadsheets on a Saturday and I do the same on a Sunday. She had things to do, so I went to Coin and did some shopping in Lidl, doubling avian mortality with one stone.

Naturally, it was the one Saturday in months that the plane from Madrid to Malaga arrived late. That is, if that's how they arrive at the wholesaler's from the printer's in the capital. Maybe they let the train take the strain, who knows? I do know that a white van delivers papers to filling stations, estancos and other sundry places all along the Guadalhorce.

Anyhow, it meant a coffee in a cafe and sitting and waiting and watching the world go by. I could have sat in Hermanos Maza right across from the filling station and kept an eye out for the delivery van. However, I saw that the old buffer who had asked for the Daily Mail was heading there. So I opted for a seat on Chani's terrace where I could see the delivery van's approach and also the Buffer's fruitless trips back and forth to the filling station. He made four.

Regarding newspapers, most places you can buy them will stock one Times, a couple of Telegraphs and ten Daily Mails. The rest of the English newspaper bundles will be made up with the Express and the red-tops. There are no Guardians. This probably tells you something that you intuitively know already.

On Chani's Terrace I had a coffee and read the local Spanish newspaper. Chani brought me my milky drink and tried to remember who I was. I'm not too sure he did, although I was quite a regular customer once upon a time. (If anyone under 30 is reading this, that quaint phrase means "back in the day", which we used to pronounce "back in my day", to save people asking which particular day we meant).

As you can see from the photo, Chani's coffee comes with a sachet of sugar with a philosophical quotation gratis. The words of wisdom in the photo read (more or less)

"Don't look back in anger, or forward in fear. Look around you and pay attention."

The newspaper delivery van never did turn up.

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