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Sunday, 5 March 2017


My fellow crowd-funded Authors at Unbound have a "Social Page" on Facebook. It's an informal group, where we have lively discussions and provide each other with a great deal of support over the course of the ups-and-downs of a campaign to get our books published. I can't tell you how much I wished I had known about the page when my campaign was "Live". My book, of course, has been published now.

Yesterday, a thread began concerning marketing of books (our books, naturally). One of the most experienced of Unbound authors (thank you Stevyn Colgan) gave us a few home truths about what a debut (or any) author can expect in the way of help from their publisher. However, what I found most interesting was this:

"if a publisher wants to promote a book in a book shop, they have to pay substantial fees; those ‘featured’ books and the ones put out on tables aren’t there for free."

Now, maybe you can remember the Payola scandal in the USA which implicated Alan Freed, the pioneer of Rock and Roll on the radio.  DJs and radio stations took payments to play artists' records and the USA found this to be illegal. UK radio has ever since been very frightened of any accusation of this kind of thing, but they tread a very thin line, which just stops short of Pay for Plays. Actually this gave rise to DJ's in Anglophone countries having to play music from the playlists. (Incidentally, how does an indie band get on those playlists?) Last.FM will only play debut bands if they pay for the privilege. 

How is the model quoted above different? I think we need to get ourselves an Under-Assistant West Coast Promo Man  

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