Sunday, 2 April 2017

Well, I Never...

A picture of me holding a copy of Gibbous House was posted on one of those "What's on in..." Facebook pages. It got me 3 sales on the day it was posted. I'm pretty sure that it's a one off opportunity, though. I am thinking of holding an event in the local area. I have about 15 copies that a reviewer is never going to see, so I could take along a lap-top and convince people to buy a copy on-line when I run out of these too. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, I think it may have achieved more than Please Allow Me's efforts on my behalf. However, it's hard to tell because Amazon don't release any sales figures, not even to publishers.

Reviews help, of course, I've had a good one from a Blog-based reviewer here. What I particularly liked were the headings like the one below, if you've seen the cover of Gibbous House you'll realise why.

A nice touch from the blogger, no? They are different for every book reviewed. Many thanks to Little Bookness Lane. Amazon rating had a twitch on the 30th March too, it's no coincidence that this was the date the review appeared.

Well that's all folks, except to say, do keep a look out for more nonsense from Please Allow Me, he's sure to come up with something less fit for purpose than Boris Johnson. However, in the meantime this is the most fun so far for my money... ("What money?" says PAM)

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