Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Very Important Bookshop

I came across this bookshop on a random blog-post that I stumbled across thanks to someone's twitter feed. The post is well worth a read. It draws a parallel between the upsurge in vinyl sales and those of "real" books. It's aimed at indie authors. I'm not sure that I fall into that category. Is Unbound an independent publisher or not? It has a distribution deal with PRH, but they have no curatorial/editorial input into what Unbound publish, I believe.
Anyhow, if you look at the lollipop-cum-bookmark in the photo, I'd really like the Pipe and Thimble Bookstore to stock my book, even if SOCAL isn't a likely source of hundreds - or even dozens - of buyers for Gibbous House.

I haven't read IVSage (the blog-post's author)'s, book, but I'll be looking it up on Amazon and, if I like what I see, I'll be buying a copy. 

Only thing is, I'll be missing out on a lollipop. If you're ever out SOCAL way, buy a book in the Pipe and Thimble and tell them you want two lollipops, yours and mine.


Barb Lieberman said...

First, thank you for sharing our lollipops and our shop. I'll buy you a box of 'em if you come to SoCal.

Second, we carry self-published and small press books. If your book falls within those parameters, and if your publisher is willing to work with us, we'd love to carry it.

Ewan Alexander Lawrie said...

Hi Barb,

First, thank you so much for your kind comment (and the promise of a box of lollipops)

Second, my publisher, Unbound, is quite a weird thing. I believe it was the first of the crowd-funding imprints, certainly in the UK. I don't think it qualifies as a small-press, but if you want to know more about them, you could do worse than look at my crowd-funding page.


The campaign is over, so it's just for information, really.

Thirdly, thanks again for taking an interest, yours is a friendly business, you deserve to do well.

Lisa Sage said...

Hello Ewan!

THANKS SO MUCH for reading my blog and re-posting it here! By doing so, you are now part of the Indie Author Revolution! Welcome! Please incorporate the hashtag #readrecommendreview in your posts, especially on Twitter if you use that platform. You can attach it to any type of post that pertains to books and help spread the word about the importance of reviews!

Also, I do hope that you will find my novel interesting and enjoy reading it. I welcome your comments if you do so! I have a sequel in the editing phase and there will be a third book to finish out the trilogy.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best!

Ewan Alexander Lawrie said...

Hi Lisa,
looking for a way to get your book here in Spain. I will publish a review when I read it. Very good luck with getting to the end of the trilogy!

Lisa Sage said...


If you have trouble or the shipping cost is too high ( i might be able to do it cheaper), contact me and I will send you a copy.


Tha ks so much for your interest!!