Monday, 29 May 2017

Back Tae Books...

...and the power of networking, friendship and goodwill. In the picture is Gibbous House's page in the Angus Library catalogue. Ecstatic though I am at the thought of "ma wee book" being available in a real, live library, I thought I'd share the story of how it got there.

One of my former bosses in the Royal Air Force spotted me on Linkedin and dropped me a line to see how I was. I'd bumped into him at a Squadron open-day the year before. We got on remarkably well. This fellow often goes down as everyone's favourite boss on the famous 51st - and he was and is a genuinely good egg. The thing is, it was me who was the a-hole, for most of my time on the Squadron: I wasn't a good subordinate and it may be that I had come very close to an overnight posting to somewhere not very nice. However, by the time I left, (March 13th 2005, last day of service, thank you) there weren't many places left as a punishment posting. Besides, everyone was getting "jiffed*" every couple of years for a detachment in Afghanistan. 51 Sqn was quite lucky, at that time. We just had to fly over these places, but there were "opportunities", if only temporary, to get rid of the "spanner in the works" or the "square peg". But they never did in my case and I often wonder why.

Me, centre background with not my favourite boss at a quite different shindig

Anyway at the Squadron shindig, last year, I mentioned to my ex-boss that my book had finally been published and he said he'd give it a read. Just today he let me know that he had convinced Angus and Tayside libraries to acquire 6 copies of GH for the region as I was a "young and aspiring Scottish author". So here's one last salute for a really nice man and I'm sorry I was such a pain in the proverbial.

*jiffed=done over, unfairly treated, etc.

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