Friday, 12 May 2017

We Are Not Alone...

Having just read a blog-post entitled "Why Bother to Blog?", I felt shamed into writing another post myself. It is a question I have often asked myself. As you can see I am most desultory in putting anything out there. However, I believe it's a grave mistake to keep banging on about your latest meisterwerk. I mean, everybody you know has bought a copy, your two regular blog-followers have thought about it, but are waiting to see it at number one in Amazon's Books About Off-Grid Survivalist Romance list and - yes - your sarcastic, ironic, thoroughly-British nature prevents you from waxing enthusiastic about your OWN work. I mean, it's so frightfully "infra-dig", is it not?

In spite of the foregoing, I just thought I'd share this. 

My novel was crowd-funded (don't panic! I'm not asking for your money, it's published and on sale at all good virtual and even some real book-stores, though not necessarily near you). This does not mean it was any kind of vanity project. Nor was it self-published. In fact, it was very like being published by a "real" publisher. Why? Because Unbound is a"real" publisher: Pitch, synopsis, outline, Thanks/No Thanks, manuscript, structural edit, rewrites, copy-edit, cover-design, type-setting, and finally, publication. That makes it sound easy, but it isn't.

My own experience was a little different. Through no-one's fault - something to do with a change of personnel - my book was en-route to the type-setter before someone (thank goodness) realised that it couldn't be published as it was. Another year's work was required on the manuscript both from me and my very generous Editor Rachael Kerr, Unbound's Editor-at-large. Here's the thing: that very serious problem meant that my book cost twice as much to produce.

Did I have to raise more money? No. Think about that. Unbound have taken twice the risk on me and my book. Support this unusual and, I believe, principled publisher, buy my book, or pledge for someone else's book, Unbound deserve your support.

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