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Friday, 6 April 2018

Book Review: Blind Side by Jennie Ensor

Another Unbound-published book which keeps up their high standard across a wide range of genres: Jennie Ensor's Blind Side is a fine thriller with a touch of romance. The book provides an authentic snapshot of London during the febrile atmosphere surrounding the terrorist attacks of 2005. Gripping is perhaps the best word to describe the book’s hold on me; not least because in my head I was doing the equivalent of shouting “he’s behind you” at various points along the way. This is not to say I found Georgie less than believable, vulnerable, yes.

The author’s characters were all believable; all flawed to some extent and the protagonist and her lover’s impulsive behaviour were credibly drawn. PTSD was depicted very tastefully and with a good deal of understanding of the condition.

It’s difficult to review this kind of book without resorting to spoilers. I really was on the edge of my seat at times, however. The ending was, for me, deeply satisfying, although it may not be to all tastes.

A really good read. Thoroughly recommended.
Buy Blind Side here.

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